TomCat Bikes Winter hours:

10-6 tuesday through Saturday

Sunday, Monday: Appointment or prior ARRANGEMENT

To all:​

I am ​steering ​TomCat Bikes solo​​. ​Bluetooth in one ear, VOIP handset in the other ear, fixing a flat, while swiping debit cards. I ​remain open until forced to close. Oregon declared bike shops to be essential businesses​; w​e perform similar functions as ​gas stations​ and​ auto repair shops​. We​ keep last mile transit options accessible to all. 

I will implement the following procedures and offer new services: 

– Door will be locked while I am in the shop. I am doing this for personal ​safety​.  Knock on the door or text (971) 319-2631 and I’ll let you in.

– All touch points are wiped down with bleach, alcohol, or similar.

– All bikes in for repair or build are wiped down with alcohol, bleach, or similar.

– Debit cards are bleached after each use.  

– I typically wear nitrile gloves during any sort of repair work. I will change gloves when a new bike is in the stand.  

– Online invoicing is available, with shipping via USPS or pick up at the door.

– Offer home delivery and bike pickup within 10 miles and south of the Columbia River ($30 fee, $50 minimum service work).

– Venmo, PayPal, apple pay and google are valid forms of payment as well

– I have been booking appointments since the shop opened. I do this more to better manage my time, and it’s been a life saver in the past week. Appointments may be made via, @tomcatbikespdx Instagram and Facebook pages, and through my Google listing and maps.  

– Honoring  clear boundaries with customers. Communicating scope of work at the beginning. Updates of work in progress via text or email. Creating an appointment to pick up bike when completed.    

I feel a sense of duty to remain open for food and package bike couriers who are going to be in high demand for the next few weeks. I am offering discounts for those specific riders: the Immortal Class. They deserve it.  

And to be super vulnerable, I need—absolutely need—to be in ​the​ shop for my own mental health. It​ is​ calming, soothing, zen meditation. The Heart, mind and hand are all in unison, focused on ​T​he ​One ​Thing to be done. This shop is sanctuary and a deeply grounding space for me. I intend to remain here–tinkering, processing–for as long as I can.

Services Offered

Gift Cards Available!

TomCat Bikes performs a full range of bicycle services from safety checks and tuneups, to comprehensive overhauls and resurrections.

Bought a bike from Amazon? Assembly, fine tuning and test ride of your bike purchased online is done without judgement or attitude.

Custom wheels are built with care and precision.

Complete logistics for packaging and shipping your bike to anywhere in the world is available too.

Location and Hours


3117 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR 97202

Located in the same building as the Historic Aladdin Theater.

Next door to The Lamp & Brooklyn Pharmacy.

Winter Hours

Tuesday thru Saturday: 10am to 6pm