Burning Man

Bikes are essential at Burning Man. Get yours here!

Then they get trashed at the Burn.

Have your only mode of transportation at Black Rock City cleaned and tuned up here! 

Playa Bikes have unique requirements and mechanical issues. With 15 years of direct experience at Big Burn repairing such special kinetic sculptures, I know what they need--and more importantly--what they don't need. 

Playa Bike Tune Service Packages:

Pre-season (March to May 31): $50

In Season (June 1- July 15): $75

OMG Sale! (July 16 - Aug 1): $150

WTF Do You Know Who I AM???!!1???! (Aug 2 - Early Man): $300

Yes, Mistress (Early Man hangover Until Gate Open): $1000

Book early.