Reality Check Recommended for bikes purchased via eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, garage sales, etc. Refundable when other services are booked at TomCat Bikes : $33

Essential Service Recommended twice a year, dependent on your annual mileage. Wheels off and in truing stand; tires cleared of sharps; drivetrain tuning; brake adjustments; hub, headset, bottom bracket bearing tension adjustments; dry cleaning: $60-120

Overhaul For when an Essential Service needs to go deeper. This includes drivetrain removal and dip; wheels tensioned and trued; cleaning and repacking of hub, headset and bottom bracket bearing systems; corrosion prevention; hanger alignment; thorough washing of frameset and wheels. Most accessory and part installs are included. A 30 day safety check is included : $195

Collaborative Build New framesets and reassembly after paint. Transfer of components from old frame to new; sourcing of new and refurbished parts; serial number recording; registration with Bike Index: $235-320

Resurrection Restoration of your beloved ride. Includes detailing of individual components and accessories; frameset wax and polish; frame and fork alignment check; research of upgrades; sourcing of new, vintage and reproduction parts; photo documentation; serial number recording; registration with Bike Index: $320 +


Spoke replacement (spoke and nipple additional): $27-33

Builds include lacing, tension, successive rounds of truing and de-stressing $80/ wheel and $140/ pair

Flat repair:

Quick release axles: $10

Nutted axles, coaster brake hubs, thru-axles: $12

Internal hub, drum hub, or dynamo hub, interference from accessories: $15

E-Bikes (hub motors): $30

Assembly Professional assembly, optimizing all systems and components, safety check, road test. Includes handoff, explanation of systems and features. Includes recycling of packaging and disposal of haz-mat materials):

Singlespeed: $60-80

Geared: $100-120

E-bike: $147

Cargo, Trike, Tandem, weird: $240

Boxing (includes materials, preparation, documentation, shipment locus for carrier. Carrier shipping additional) $80.

Shop rate: $80/ hour