e-Bike Services

Do we work on e-bikes? 

Yes we do! We work on most e-bikes! 

Why "most" e-bikes? In most cases, any brand purchased from a Brick and Mortar bicycle retailer will be welcomed at TomCat bikes. Indeed- quite a few local shops refer to us because they can't or won't work on e-bikes. We service many Direct to Consumer (D2C) companies; TomCat Bikes is an authorized Beeline+Connect assembly, service and warranty center for more than 22 brands. These are reliable designs with now stable technologies with systems that can be upgraded when needed.  

We are trained and certified to work on Bosch, Brose, Bafang, Dapu, and Yamaha systems. These systems are found on Specialized, Cannondale, Trek, Electra, Scott, Surly, Gazelle, Tern, Benno, Bulls, Dahon, and more IBD brands. We have deep and direct experience with Rad Power, Priority, e-Velo, and many other D2C e-bikes.

The ugly truth is some e-bikes are just not designed to be repairable, are too hazardous, or the scope of work is beyond our resources to do effectively to anyones satisfaction. No shop can accept puffy or hot batteries. This shop will not solder accessories to any battery or motor. We can usually make that call when the bike is brought into the shop for a comprehensive estimate. As with any bike, phone estimates are a meaningless number, and we cannot diagnose anything via phone or text or email. Book an appointment or walk in and we can start the process!


 Some of the work we can do: 

- Firmware updates

- Warranty services with authorization

- Controller, wiring harness, throttle, motor replacement (factory provided)

- Hydraulic brake system upgrades

- Derailleur and drivetrain upgrades

- Routine maintenance of hub, steering and crank bearing systems

- Improvements to comfort and fit

- Full coverage fender and rack installs

- Tire armoring and puncture resistance upgrades

And more! Book an appointment and we can get the process started!